Summer Math Brain Booster

Eye Level summer program - Math Brain Boost is now offered at our Center. 
The summer hours will be helpful to reinforce concepts in both Basic Math and Critical Thinking. Combatting Summer Brain Drain is not only simple, but can be a fun activity for your kids as well. Programs like ours place a high importance on fun and positive experiences for students. Summer work does not have to mean hours of endless worksheets completed alone. Instead, it is important to find a program and group of staff members that are passionate about their work and devoted to your children.
As little as one hour per week can ensure that your student will not only retain all of the information they mastered over the previous school year, but give them an edge on the new work that they will be encountering in the coming months. We of course, feel the more time your child can spend practicing their math and reading skills, the better prepared they will be for the coming school year.
We are open on the following days and hours;
Tuesday and Friday between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.